Aviation Management

Aim and Mission
Department of Aviation Management is a department of Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences.

Civil aviation is a very fast developing sector in the present day. The aim of the Department of Aviation Management is in accordance with the developments in the aviation sector, educating and training students to become very well qualified staff equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and extensive qualifications so that they can serve in the most effective way for the sector. Besides, along with the very well qualified staff who are equipped with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, this department aims to educate and train managers and educators who can contribute to advanced scientific studies and research in aviation sector. The undergraduate program of Aviation Management, in general, aims to train and educate students who can put all sort of theoretical knowledge into practice successfully and contribute to developments in aviation sector.

The program of Aviation Management has many common parts with other undergraduate programs such as business, law, human resources, and marketing and computer information systems. The students of this program have the opportunity to benefit extensively from the knowledge and experiences of teaching staff of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, too.

Strong sides of the Aviation Management

  1. Within the first two years of this program, students are trained and educated by highly experienced subject specialists so that they become very well qualified and experienced at the highest possible level in their subjects. Besides, throughout the process of education and training, the Information and Innovation Systems Centre and all sort of technical and technological equipment of the Near East University, the sister university of KU, will be used respectively.
  2. As we regard our students as the leaders of future in their fields, we aim to train them from the very beginning of their education as the individuals who take responsibility, make precise decisions, demonstrate leading roles and approach the issues with common sense and practicality.
  3. Department of Aviation Management is a department open to developments and innovations. It aims to train and educate students in the best possible way with its well-planned four-year-based curriculum.
  4. There are sufficient number of institutions for this department to carry out theoretical and practical trainings in our country.
  5. The demand for qualified staff in this branch is increasing gradually in accordance with the compliance procedures within the scope of European Union Laws.

Job Opportunities
Graduates of this department have the opportunities to be employed in various sectors at international level, at departments of state and private institutions and foundations of aviation sector such as cargo services, flight operations, ground services of airports and designing airport services. The graduates of this department have a significant advantage that this sector is growing rapidly and need to well-qualified staff is also increasing gradually, and in future, the need to qualified staff in this sector will apparently continue to increase.

Graduates of Department of Aviation Management can be employed in the following sectors:

  • Private companies
  • Airports
  • Air transport passenger services
  • Cargo services
  • Flight operations planning
  • Flight marketing
  • Airport planning

Necessary conditions to graduate from the department:

  • The overall grade (CGPA) at the end of 4-year academic program must be at least 2.0 out of 4.0.
  • The student must take 136 credits in total.
  • The student must carry out 2 internship trainings, each for 20 working days a month, following the second and third years of education.