Dean’s Message

Dear Students,

At the present time, technology and science is rapidly developing and it has come to the fore that quality education has to been given to students to aid these developments. In the environment created by the change and expansion of technologies, studies are carried out to provide higher education in the most effective manner. Our Aviation and Space Sciences Faculty which has newly been founded and at which education and training has newly started, endeavors in forming and providing education by using the opportunities present in the best possible way and according to modern requirements. Considering the changes that will occur in the profession with time, we hold the vision that our graduates gain the thinking ability to resolve the problems that can be encountered. It is understood that shaping the curriculum is not enough to create the environment within which students can put forth their creative and innovative ideas (as is with workers in the aviation industry), but to also create the surroundings where these ideas can be exposed.

Our faculty includes the programs of professions that are in great demand today. In our world of continuing globalization, English has been chosen as the language to provide education. Our undergraduate programs include the following:

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Professional Pilot Training
  • Aviation Management

In addition to conducting research and providing engineering services in aviation, aeronautical engineering programs has the task of training graduates that will instruct in professional pilot training and other working areas in the aviation sector. It is for this reason that postgraduate courses will be available in the very near future. The accreditation which will reflect the quality of the education provided and which should be in place for the first graduates of the programs underlines the importance and aim of providing quality education.

Summer education is implemented in order to introduce students with the professional working environment. In addition to this, the necessary laboratory facilities are being developed.

It is also important to emphasize that in order to educate well-rounded students; we pay particular attention to the social, cultural, artistic and sportive aspects of training.

Prof. Dr. Süleyman TOLUN
Dean of Faculty of Aviation and Space Science