Aeronautical Engineering

Aim and Mission
Aeronautical Engineering program is one of the programs of the Aeronautics & Astronautics Faculty which started education in 2014. The program aims to educate the students with contemporary, innovative and creative ideas as well as following and contributing to the contemporary developments in the field. We want our students to be socially active while, conducting scientific work and having strong engineering formation throughout the program. As the technological advancements continue in a gradual progress in this field, the program will follow a parallel line with all these developments so that the graduates will already be aware of the economic development, the environmental issues, healthcare and energy issues as well as other related issues in this field and will already have developed skills to solve the problems relevant to this issues and to the sector. In this respect, to ensure utmost success in this field, the students are especially expected to be enthusiastic of physics, mathematics and technology. Our curriculum is solely based on preparing our students for the challenges of the 21st century business world in an increasingly global, continuously changing and competitively demanding world.

Employment Opportunities
The sector of the civil aviation is the fastest growing sector for the last 40 years and is in a gradual and steady progress of development in our present day. The sector demands qualified staff in every aspect of the field. The graduates have much higher chances to be employed by the aircraft manufacture companies as well as the companies operating in civil aviation sector and the income of aeronautical engineers is considerably higher than qualified staff employed in other sectors.

Strong sides of the program
The Department of Aeronautical Engineering, the first and only aeronautical engineering in Cyprus, is generating the strong sides of it on the basis of the modern and advanced infrastructure of a newly developing and competitive university, the University of Kyrenia, and with support of its highly qualified and reputed staff, who are well known in this field.

Requirements for graduation
The students of this department must successfully complete the program in accordance with the requirements of the aeronautical engineering and civil aviation laws, and fulfil all the theoretical and practical requirements to become an aeronautical engineer.