Assist. Prof. Cengiz Mesut BÜKEÇ
Assist. Prof. Cengiz Mesut BÜKEÇ
Head of Aviation Management

Yard. Prof. Dr. Cengiz Mesut Bükeç Cengiz Mesut Bükeç was born on July 21, 1973, in Ankara. After completing his primary and secondary education in Bursa, he graduated from İzmir Maltepe Military High School in 1990 and from the Turkish Air Force Academy in Istanbul with a degree in Computer Engineering in 1994. During his 21-year career as a Combat Officer in the Turkish Air Force, he served in various national and international operational centers. During this time, he managed NATO and National Air Defense Operations and Tactical Data Link Systems planning and operations. He retired with the rank of Colonel after serving for 5 years as the Chief of Operations at the General Staff Headquarters in 2015.

Simultaneously, he pursued an academic career, earning a Master's degree in Management Organization in 2007 and subsequently completing a direct Ph.D. program in Aviation Management at Anadolu University in 2015. His doctoral dissertation focused on discipline systems supporting safety culture in aircraft maintenance organizations in Turkey.

Since 2013, he has been teaching full-time at 5 universities and part-time at 4 universities during his academic career. He has also taught ground courses at 6 different flight schools and served as Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Quality Manager, and Safety Manager at 4 flight schools with SHGM Form-4 approval. After various experiences including Department Chair and School Director roles at different universities, he continues to serve as a faculty member at Girne University. Dr. Bükeç has been a speaker at numerous national and international scientific conferences and seminars, sharing his recommendations on aviation safety, crew resource management, and leadership topics. He has also been involved in various national and international projects in managerial roles. He authored and edited English and Turkish books used as resources in the Aviation Management Department.

At Girne University, he has held administrative positions such as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences, Head of the Aviation Management Department, Chair of the Aviation Management Department, and Director of the Aviation Vocational School.

Research Areas:

  • Airline management
  • Strategic management
  • Aviation safety
  • Aviation security
  • Safety culture and justice culture
  • Human resources management
  • Aviation law